The Threshold Trail Series ‘Stay at Home workout’ 

If you are anything like me, you will have been seeing a hundred different home workouts flooding your Instagram feeds in the last few weeks, which is great. It’s important for our collective mental and physical health to get a sweat on and keep moving whilst in lockdown. 


 All these workouts are great… but they don’t come close to replicating the unique experience of the Trail Series, so here is our attempt to bring the Trail Series to you, enjoy! 


What you will need: 


  • Video chat-enabled device 
  • Running gear – race vest/backpack optional (but encouraged) 
  • Space at home – In the house or in the garden 
  • A box/stairs – to ‘climb’ 
  • A bottle of coke 
  • A watermelon 
  • A washed-out cleaning spray bottle 
  • Optional items: cowbells, a Portaloo, a cold beer/G&T 


1. Connect with a friend or running buddy on video chat 


This first step is crucial. We are all physically distancing, but not socially distancing. A unique sense of camaraderie helps define the Trail Series, having someone to laugh with, to share the pain with, and share your achievement with cannot be underestimated!  


2.  #LoveToLunge 


 A good warmup is essential to any good workout. Anyone who has taken on a trail before will be familiar with these wise words from Nigel and Eddie, so first up, lunges. 10 lunges on each leg, bonus points for those wearing a pair of outrageously colorful shorts. Make Eddie proud.



3.  Stile it out 


A Race to the Tower special is next, the stile climb. The Cotswold route has over 150 stiles to overcome, so this is perfect preparation. Stand in front of your box or steps, then put your left foot on it before pushing off to quickly lift the rest of your body up, raising the right thigh to 90 degrees. Step back down to the ground with the right leg and repeat on the other side. 20 times on each leg will get you to pit stop 1. 


Pit stop = Have a quick rest and enjoy a reusable cup full of delicious flat coke.  


(Coke should be shaken vigorously pre-workout as an additional warm-up) 


4. Burpees 


You obviously didn’t shake that coke flat enough, as it is burpees time.  

1 minute of these should do the trick.









5.  Shuttle (bus) runs 


Time to get those legs moving, or you will miss your shuttle. Set up two points as many meters apart as your space allows. Run back and forth between your points for 2 minutes.  



















Pit stop = Water spray station. You have earned a refreshing spritz from your water cooling spray- enjoy! 



6. It’s a hill. Get over it. 


Mountain climbers next. These will work your core and put you in good stead for the Cotswold Climbs. Get into the plank position, bend one knee and raise it up to your elbow, and return to plank. Repeat on the other side until you have completed 10 on each.  










Pit stop = Watermelon heaven. Grab a slice. Get messy. Grab another slice. Watermelon is life. 











 7.  Squat a finish! 


The finish line gantry is in sight! But you need to nail your jumping pose for the cameras as you cross. 

Complete 15 squats with a bounce in between. As you spring up from the squat position, get creative with your posing; fist-pumps, dabs, waving are all encouraged. Remember, you will never look as cool as you think you do. 


 8. More is in you. 


You’re not finished yet I’m afraid! We live by our mantra, and this is no different.  

Repeat steps 1-7 😉 









By Chris Clarke

Editor: Jessica Addington

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