Strength Workshop: Manor, London


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Threshold x Manor

On 20th May we invited the Threshold and MANOR communities to a strength workshop hosted at Manor, London. It was a great session that was purposefully designed to build confidence and stamina for trail running, led by Chloe Gibson, a Manor trainer and qualified Osteopath. There are so many benefits to strength training and other methods of cross training. It can make a huge impact on your running performance. Want to read more on the benefits of cross training? Have a read of Cross Training for runners: Benefits and Tips for success. 


I am a Personal Trainer and Osteopath based in Victoria, London. I help people to move better whilst challenging their fitness. Movement really is medicine and I understand the benefits it has on mental and physical health so I love helping people to keep moving and realising their fitness potential! I like to make exercise, prehab and rehab an enjoyable process rather than chore and understand the stresses and barriers life can put in the way so I aim to make these as convenient to implement as possible.


Chloe will be joining Threshold out on the trails this summer, at the 10-year anniversary of Race to the Stones to take on 100km along the Ridgeway. Check out her Instagram to follow her journey from sign up, through the 100km, to the post Ultra marathon recovery.


Thank you to those who joined us for this strength workshop! We hope to see you at the next one.

Keep an eye on our socials for future pop-ups and tailored strength content from Chloe.

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