Race to the Castle

Due to unforseen circumstances, this event is cancelled for 2022

A message from Nick, CEO at Threshold Sports 

I hope your training has been going well despite the best efforts of Omicron. We know how much goes into preparing to take part in our events, which is why it is with a very heavy heart that I am writing with an update about Race to the Castle 2022.

This time of year we travel across the UK assessing the conditions of all the routes we are planning to use in the summer. This is usually a formality. However, the storms that battered the country in February have caused significant damage to trees and forests throughout the UK and particularly in Northumberland. This includes large sections of the planned route for Race to the Castle which are now closed. You can see an example of the damage in the area in this short clip here.  

We have been working in close partnership with the Forestry Commission and local landowners to explore all potential options to get the route re-opened. Regrettably, it is impossible for them to guarantee it being made safe in time for the event. This is exacerbated by the sheer volume of fallen trees across the UK and the limited number of qualified individuals able to help. They are understandably prioritising the protection of critical national infrastructure ahead of events such as ours.  

Further to this, we have also looked at what is possible in terms of re-routing around these areas. However, the only option is to make the majority of the first 50km on road as opposed to trail. This is not what you have signed up to, but more critically it also creates significant safety issues in the delivery of the event. 

We desperately wanted to follow on from the success of last year. However, we have come to the difficult decision that we have to cancel this year’s event. 

We know what a bitter blow this will be for many of you. On a personal level, it was also my main goal for the year to take part with you all. However, we feel it is better to make the difficult call now, rather than to have to call off a week or so in advance.

We know we can’t replace the experience of running to the Castle this May. However, we have the following options available to hopefully help you achieve your Ultra goals in 2022: 

1. Transfer to another Threshold Sports event in 2022 free of charge 

This includes the Threshold Trail Series, Sidley London Revolution Trails or HEINEKEN Endure24. This will be free of charge if you transfer before 30th April 2022, thereafter the normal charges will apply. 

Choose from any of the events listed below.  

  • Dulux Race to the King – South Downs & Sussex Coast: 11th-12th June  
  • Race to the Tower – Cotswold Way: 25th – 26th June  
  • Race to the Stones – The Ridgeway: 9th – 10th July 
  • HEINEKEN Endure24 – Reading: 18th – 19th June  
  • HEINEKEN Endure24 – Leeds: 2nd – 3rd July  
  • Sidley London Revolution Trails: 1st – 2nd October  


2. Defer your place to any Threshold Trail Series event in 2023 

These dates will be confirmed before the events this summer and communicated to you as a priority. Your deferral to 2023 will be free of charge up to 30 days after the announcement of the 2023 event launches.  

If you are unable to take up any of those options, we are also offering a 100% refund (minus the booking fee). You’ll have until 30 days after the 2023 events have launched to confirm which option you’d prefer and you can click here to find out more about the steps you’ll need to take to complete your choice.  

This is particularly disappointing after all the disruption of COVID. We hope you understand this decision and that it won’t be long until we see you at the start line of one of our events. 


The Race to the Castle Team

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