Level up your training plan

Dulux London Revolution Trails: A multi-distance trail event from Threshold

A Trial Run for Trail Success…

Are you taking part in the Threshold Trail Series this summer? Join us at Dulux London Revolution Trails on 26th September and kickstart your training with a fully-supported Threshold Sports trail event guaranteed to get you excited for your epic 2021 challenges.

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Practice running or walking on trails

Many of us are used to plodding along pavements and running across roads, so the uneven surfaces and variable terrain of trails takes some getting used to. The Thames Path provides a gentle introduction to the world of trails, and preps you for the Rocky Ridgeway!

Test out your kit

There is nothing worse than settling into your first ultra marathon and discovering your stunning new trail shoes are giving you blisters. Get used to running with a hydration pack, try out those anti-blister socks and wear in those spotless new trainers!

Perfect your nutrition and hydration strategy

Finding a nutrition and hydration strategy that works for you is essential to enjoying a successful race. Our pit stops are stocked full with High5 Sports Nutrition energy gels and rehydration tablets, all available on our Threshold Trail Series events.

Training miles, with a medal at the end

Getting the miles in your legs is not easy. It’s tough to motivate yourself to brave the cold, dark, winter nights, where no friendly pit stop staff are there to greet you with watermelon and Perkier bars. Joining Dulux REV Trails as part of your preparation is a great way to make training more fun and sociable!

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