Jack Mills’ journey to the King

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We spoke to Jack Mills, our Dulux Race to the King 2022 non-stop winner to find out about his journey in the lead up to RTTK.


How did you find your journey to the King?

My training was good, I had done two 50km races about 8 and 6 weeks before Race to the King so I was confident that my fitness was there for the goals I had set. I just had to make sure I kept training with decent elevation. I live near Queen Elizabeth Country Park which was perfect for my longer runs and to get the elevation I needed.

In terms of fitting it in around work, I am very lucky with my job that I can fit a lot of running around it. But there is still a lot of dedication and discipline needed. Having a goal or a race booked is the best motivation so if anyone is unsure if a race is for them, book it anyway and you’ll have the motivation to train for it.

What was your favourite part of Race to the King?

This is a tough one, there are so many. Firstly, that I was able to raise money for Alzheimer’s Research UK as my Nan had been suffering and sadly passed away about 6 weeks before the event. She was always on my mind over the 100km. I never set out to win because I am a firm believe in only competing with yourself, but for me it was quite fitting to have won this one for her.

Secondly, the aid stations. They were a joy to reach and the crew and volunteers on them were a dream. Lastly, coming up to the finish line knowing I was the first to cross the line. I have honestly never experienced anything like it – a core memory!

Top tips for our first timers?

ENJOY THE PROCESS! I won’t hide the fact it’s hard, but it’s worth it once you cross that finish line. Train with your kit, hit some elevation prior to your event to get yourself familiar with it and remember, there’s a reason you’ve chosen to run an ultra, so when it gets tough, make sure you have that reason in the forefront of your mind.

What was your key takeaway from the weekend?

Easy – Ultra runners are the best humans on the planet. Everyone is so supportive. I have made some great friends since entering the world of running/ ultra running. There are some very interesting people out there!


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