We believe that More Is In You.

From the front of the pack to the back, we want to celebrate each and every person taking on one our events.

Our Threshold Ambassadors represent our values as an organisation. From elite runners smashing course records to mid- and back-of-the-packers looking for an exciting new personal challenge, all of our Ambassadors work tirelessly to encourage, empower, and inspire more people from a wide range of communities and backgrounds to lace up their trainers and head out onto the trails.

Each of our Ambassadors will be taking on a Threshold Sports event in 2024 – head to their socials via the links below to follow their journeys!



Joe Baker

Yorkshire-based elite runner Joe Baker is a seasoned pro in the world of 24-hour racing. In 2022, Joe became the first solo runner to complete 30 laps (150 miles) at Endure24 Leeds, and is the current record holder for both our Reading and Leeds events. This year, Joe will be toeing the line at Race to the King, as well as making appearances at Endure24.

“Running has been about self-improvement and way more than just a hobby; it’s become a lifestyle, deeply ingrained in my daily routine. The consistency has not only made me fitter and healthier but also more resilient than ever before. The skills I’ve acquired over the years contribute not only to my physical well-being but also to mental strength, proving beneficial in various aspects of life.”


Ruth Bennett

Ruth is a coach and marathon runner from Worcester who is training for Race to the Stones. This is the first ultra Ruth has trained for, and she is excited for the challenges running a longer distance brings.

“Running means headspace, friendships, and fun to me nowadays. I used to enjoy the challenge of running faster, but nowadays, I really enjoy runs with my friends and family, and finding different places to run with different views.”


Chloe Bletsoe

Chloe is a children’s nurse working in mental health from Cambridgeshire taking on her first ultra marathon with us in 2024 at Race to the Stones.

“Running helps keeping me balanced. I have a mentally challenging job and find that getting outside and plodding always helps clear my mind a bit. It’s showed me that I can do hard things, that my body is strong and that you don’t have to look a certain way to be able to run.”


Inein Victor Garrick

A trail runner at home in the hills of South Wales, Inein, AKA Victor, is running Race to the King 50km Coastal route with us this year after completing the Castle route back in 2022. He also has Race to the Stones 100km in his sights for 2025 – watch this space!

Running is very spiritual and meditative to me, especially trail running. It’s like my safe place and time for me to think, pray, reflect and realign myself. The physical and mental benefits are just so important and a week without a run or hike feels bare in my soul, it’s that important.”


Chloe Gibson

Chloe is a personal trainer and fitness coach from London. Chloe ran Race to the Stones in 2023 will be ticking off ‘the double’ by running Race to the King in 2024.

“Running helps me feel fit but also so free. I love the gym but getting outside and not being on my phone just hits differently. The ability to think clearly and reach the end of thought trains is great. I’ve loved discovering places with it too!”


Dan Kristof

Dan has recently made the move to South Wales where he enjoys spending time at the beach or on the trails. After getting injured at 35km at Race to the Stones in 2023, Dan is hoping to come back fighting and complete the 100km event.

“Running changed my life 4 years ago. I was at the lowest point and largest I’d ever been. I knew it wasn’t going to be an overnight fix but was the accountability and push that I needed to get outside, on the days I didn’t even want to leave my bed.”


Kerry Langley

Brighton-based Kerry Langley is a personal trainer, coach, and mum to two girls, as well as being head of female performance at The Vault 164. Kerry is taking on her first ultra marathon with us this year at Race to the King.

“Running is my freedom. It’s a way to test my inner strength within those tough track sessions but also my time to zone out and enjoy the outdoors. The opportunities that running bring have also been a factor that got me hooked; putting in the work and seeing pacing progressions or entering events and completing what you didn’t know you could, have definitely been highlights for me so far. There’s also so many incredible people that I admire through running and a community of likeminded people who keep me striving to be better.”


Tommy Lewis

Tommy is a qualified personal trainer and run coach who this year is taking on Race to the King 50km Castle route.

“Running is play. And all the routine, commitment, discipline and hard work that comes with it, for me, is in the pursuit of peak experiences.”


Lydia Oldham

Already an experienced ultra runner, Lydia is running Race to the Stones this year with the hope off knocking a few seconds off her 2023 time of 12:00:18.

“Running to me is an escape, a way to put your phone down, to meditate, to be present with friends as well as your own thoughts.”


Marvin Palmer

Based in Birmingham, Marvin is training to complete Race to the Stones 100km, his third attempt after two regrettable dropouts due to injury. Marvin is also running 50k at Race to the King, and will take part in Endure24 as part of his training. Third time’s the charm!

“For me, running is all about the enjoyment and sense of community it brings. It’s a way for me to clear my mind when I’m feeling overwhelmed. And, despite being somewhat of an introverted person, I love the networking aspect of running. Whether it’s at a parkrun, a major race, or just around the local park, there’s always a connection with like-minded individuals.”


Tasha Thompson

Tasha Thompson is the founder of Black Girls Do Run, an online and in-person community platform to show that everyday regular black women do and can run. In 2024, Tasha is taking part in Endure24 Reading, Race to the Stones and Race to the King.

“Running is my passion; it is my way to break away from the mundaneness of life and what I do for me. It helps me mentally, physically, gives me purpose and makes my life fun.”


Jake Williamson

Jake is a Birmingham-based personal trainer and founder of Better The Next Day. Committed to making a difference for the LGBT+ community in sport, Jake is taking on Race to the Stones 100km this year with the aim of crossing the finish line in less than 10 hours!

“Running is pretty much everything to me. It’s my social life but also plays a huge role now in trying to be the best athlete I can be, and I’ve ultimately been able to make a bit of a career out of it.”


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