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November Update:

“Well, I guess this is happening…

Hi! I’m Hazel, one of the lucky winners of the Threshold’s awesome competition to run the 50km Race to the King and 100km Race to the Stones 2023. I started out my running journey on the roads, as many people do, after signing up to a marathon to raise money for charity and whilst it was a fantastic experience, I couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to push myself to go even further and longer. I thought I would put my skills as a medical student to good use, and volunteered as a medic for a few ultra-marathons earlier this year to check out the scene; it’s safe to say I was hooked!

The best thing for me, was the overwhelming sense of community within the ultra/ trail running sphere. It was something that really drew me in, and I left each event utterly inspired by the runners, with new friends for life. The recent Threshold x Runna event at Box Hill really epitomised this for me. We set off for a 13km chatty (and very hilly) jog around the beautiful Surrey Hills and were treated to a lovely brunch at a local pub at the end. By the end of the morning, a group of strangers had come together and bonded over their shared passion for running (and brunch!!)- it was so lovely to be a part of!

Later that day, I headed to ProFeet in London for a gait analysis and fitting of some insoles to help me stay injury free as training gets underway (fingers crossed!). I met Morgan, who used 3D gait analysis to teach me about the efficiency of my running and where I could make improvements, both myself and with the help of the right shoes and insoles. The data was fascinating, and I saw immediate improvements thanks to Morgan’s tips and shoe choice!

Having had to take a bit of time away from running in the past few months, I am now slowly building the mileage back up ready to get into full ultra-training soon. I think the biggest challenges for me are going to be to stay injury free with the large training volume, and to manage to fit in all the mileage around revising and working towards my medical finals over the next 6 months. Having said that, I truly do believe that ultra-running can be for everyone and I hope to prove that both to myself and others as I tackle the challenge alongside my busy schedule.

As a fairly new runner, I am sure you can imagine that the thought of running 100km is slightly daunting, but I can’t wait for the friendships that I will make along the way and the massive sense of achievement I will get from crossing that finish line. For now, it’s time for a bit of training to get underway!”

Hazel at the Runna Box Park event:


Hazel’s ProFeet Analysis check:


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