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We are always looking to create sustainable events as part of our commitment to opening up Ultras for All. Seeing so many people running, walking and jogging through the beautiful landscapes of Sussex on King last year was fantastic. It was also particularly rewarding to see women making up 47% of the field when they are traditionally under-represented on event start-lines.

After every event we review key costs, venues, sponsorships and demand for all the packages we offer. Race to the King 2023 saw a real surge in 100km non-stop and 50km demand, but a marked drop in the 2-day package offering. In parallel the costs of providing overnight camping have increased significantly. We have therefore made the decision to focus on the 100km non-stop package and the two 50km loops next year.

We will therefore be offering the following packages next year all of which start on the morning of Saturday 15th June. All of these will maintain extended cut-off times to ensure all walkers can complete their chosen distance through the night if required:

  • 100km non-stop
  • 50km Coastal loop
  • 50km Castle loop

The following will not be available next year:

  • 100km over 2-days including camping
  • 100km over 2-days excluding camping
  • 50km Castle Loop on Sunday

We know some people love the challenge of completing the 100km over 2-days. However, we don’t ever want to put on an event where cost-cutting risks the experience, safety or protection of the areas we pass through.

We will continue to offer the 2-day package on Race to the Stones 2024 and we hope that many of you will be able to join us in the Sussex Downs or on the Ridgeway next summer.

If you have a deferred place from Race to the King 2023 and would like to see the options available to you then please click here.

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