How to Stay Safe on the Trails, with Harrier Trail Running

Nutrition & Equipment

Packing a few basic safety essentials can go a long way on the trails in case of a mishap. Here are the items that Harrier recommends you should never leave home without, along with helpful tips on how to use them.

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Emergency Survival Bag and Whistle

129g, £11 

Always pack this – you never know when you might need it. It could save your life. Keep it in the bottom of your race vest as it’s an emergency bit of kit you’re not expecting to use. Using this will keep the wind off you (unlike a foil blanket), and keep you dry and help keep you warm if you are injured and waiting for help.

Top tip
Pull the bag up around your head like a hood. Always leave a space to allow air to come in. Minimise your contact with the ground by sitting on your race vest, map or anything else that will provide some insulation.

Mini Runner First Aid Kit

80g, £11

For each training session or race, think about how you are going to approach any problems you may have and make a plan for these.

The Harrier Mini Runner First Aid Kit contains all the essential kit you need to deal with small, first aid situations, in remote places. First aid kits are very personal and so you need to think about what additions you might need to make to this kit. Just make sure you know and carry exactly what works for you.



Dry Bags

30g, £11 

Dry bags are a great way of compressing down and organising kit inside your race vest. Try using different colours for different bits of kit and/or writing on your dry bags (with permanent felt tip or similar) what they have in them! Dry bags also don’t only keep dry kit dry, they can also be used for keeping wet kit away from everything else in your race vest!


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