Black Trail Runners

Black Trail Runners (BTR) is a community and campaigning charity that seeks to increase the inclusion, participation, and representation of black people in trail running.

Invisible barriers to access mean that Black people miss out on enjoying our outdoor spaces such as National Parks and National Trails, and are effectively excluded from the joy of the natural environment and the many physical and mental health benefits that it brings. BTS exists to reduce these barriers and eventually make trail running accessible to all Black people.

Black Trail Runners provide opportunities, education, inspiration, and accessibility to events and experiences that would otherwise be out of sight and reach for many Black people. We are proud to be working closely with Black Trail Runners to reduce these barriers, and try to inspire more and more Black people into the world of Trail running. We hope that by offering some gifted places to BTR members, it will provide a platform for those wishing to enter the Ultra space who have not yet had the opportunity, confidence, or inspiration to do so.

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