Profeet Sports Lab

3D running analysis and custom insoles partner 

Profeet will be making sure participants are ready to take on the Threshold Trail Series, providing a 15% discount on their Running Lab services including:

  • Sports Analysis – state-of-the-art analysis technology to better understand your gait
  • 3D Motion Analysis – deep data = deep insights for enhanced performance
  • Custom insoles – support, guide, cushion and protect you feet, ankles, knees and hips
  • Footwear – we select the right footwear for your foot type and running style

…plus training tips, blister management, kit advice and more. The 15% discount also applies to many products online, use discount code THRESHOLD15 to claim!

Who are Profeet?

Profeet specialises in biomechanical running analysis and custom-made insoles for running, walking, hiking and trekking. Their proven 3-step programme of biomechanical analysis, custom insole and selecting the right shoes for you aims to improve comfort, increase performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Claim your 15% discount using code THRESHOLD15

Read up on one of Profeet’s ambassadors, Natalie Lawrence, experience of Race to the Stones 2022 


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