We believe anyone can take on Ultra Marathons. Especially you.

We want to bust the myth that Ultra Marathons are for elite athletes only.

Naturally, some people think they are are only for maniacs, experienced in sprinting up snow-topped mountains and crossing vast, barren deserts.

But try telling that to our participants! They are mums and dads, nurses and teachers, grandparents and students. They are weekend hikers, post-work yoga masters and two-wheeled commuters. One thing they all share is the belief that more is in them, and with the support of each other, they will make it to the finish!

This challenge will not be easy and it will require a commitment from you to train and prepare for the event, but we believe with enough focus and support, anything is possible.

More Is In You!

Are Ultra Marathons only for elite athletes?

Our events are designed to challenge, whatever your fitness level. More serious runners aim for a specific time while for others completing the distance is the goal. Whichever you are, with the right preparation, you can do it!

Our aim is for all walkers and runners to cross the finish line with an unimaginable sense of achievement and a lifetime of amazing memories.

Follow Hannah and Hazels journey to 100km here.

I don’t have enough time to train!

We won’t lie, training isn’t easy! Juggling family and social life and work is no walk in the park, however, we strive to make your journey as smooth as possible. Above all, you will have an incredible crew and the most incredible community to share the experience and keep you motivated from sign-up to start line.

Check out our blog to see real stories of how people juggle family, work and social life with their training.

Training. Where do I start?!

Taking on your first Ultra Marathon can be daunting… to say the least. However, from sign up to start line we will be with you every step of the way, providing training plans for walkers and runners, tips, and great offers from our partners. You also get access to an incredible Facebook support forum where you can find nearby walkers and runners to help you train, share advice or just share your blister photos!

Check out the participant forum to get insight into the support you will have here.

Get social!

Unsure what kit to take? Looking for a training partner or someone to walk the trail with? Join our Trail Series Facebook forum and chat with your fellow ‘racers’.

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