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Training tips, advice for newcomers and much more!

Our trails, in your words…

We have been catching up with our walkers and runners across the 2019 Trail Series gathering all the best advice, training tips and nutrition secrets to help you complete your challenge with us.

*NEW* Kit and Energy Tips

We took to the trails last summer to source the best kit tips and how to energise whilst on the route.

The trails in 3 words

We asked our runners and walkers to describe their Trail Series experience in just 3 words!

Advice for first-timers

Who’s better to give tips to first-timers than our participants themselves?!

Overcoming the challenge

How to overcome the mental battle and conquer the challenge

Race tactics

Walk the ups. run the downs? We chatted to our 2019 participants about their race tactics.

Tope tips from Twice the Health

Hannah and Emily from twice the Health conquered The Ridgeway in 2019; check out their top tips!

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