Can anyone run an Ultramarathon?

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Completing your first ultramarathon can be a daunting prospect, for anyone and everyone. The preparation from finding a comprehensive training plan to deciding what kit will best assist you on your first trail ultra, is worrying for many people. This is why we have provided everyone with answers to the six most frequently asked questions about running, jogging or walking your first ultramarathon race event.


1. Can anyone complete an ultramarathon?

Yes! We believe that anyone can finish the ultra-marathon distance of more than 50km, whether that be by trekking with your walking poles, jogging at a steady pace or running briskly to outrun competition in the race. We at Threshold, believe you, no matter what your age, physique or current fitness level, can do an ultra-marathon #MoreIsInYou. You’ll never feel alone. The Threshold Trail Series is an inclusive and supportive community. From initial sign up to post-event, you will receive expertly prepared training and nutrition plans, have access to an online forum of advice sharing, support and friendships with over 1,500 people in the same position.


 2. Do I have to run the ultramarathon distance to do the race?

 Most definitely not! Our races allow you to tailor the ultra to suit your preferences, you can choose to run the distance in one go or tackle it over 2 days and stay at our overnight basecamp. Whether you are an elite trail runner, marathon veteran, or a casual Sunday walker, anyone and everyone can complete an ultra with the support of the Threshold crew and the trail running community beside you.


3. How can I prepare for my first ultramarathon?

Success, in any case, is earned through training and preparation. Preparing for an ultramarathon is no different. Many of our participants are first-time ultramarathon runners and walkers. We will provide you with a 20-week training guide to help you get into shape. The online community that we boast will help motivate you to achieve success from day 1 of signing up.


4. Will I be able to take on my first ultramarathon on my own?

You can enter to complete the ultramarathon by yourself or as a large team, the choice is yours! If you turn up alone for this challenging endurance trail event, we promise you, you will not walk, jog or run alone for long. Every 10k our well-stocked pitstops provide you with the nutrition and energy you need for the following 10k. The fellow participants, the crew, the volunteers and the families watching, will all motivate you along the trail, helping you to achieve the ultramarathon goal. Our unbelievably steep hills on route seem to be very successful at bonding people together!


5. How will I know where to run, jog or walk?

Are you worried you’ll get lost when doing your first ultramarathon? Fear not, everyone’s safety out on the trails is our number one priority. This is why we spend a lot of time studying, testing and preparing the routes for everyone to follow. Ensuring all participants follow the arrows on route is a crucial part of safeguarding on our events. There is a total of 4,700 arrows used across the Threshold Trail Series so if you do end up taking the wrong turn, it will quickly become apparent to anyone.


6. How long does it take someone to finish an ultramarathon?

It is widely accepted that an ultramarathon is anything over 50km. Experienced athletes are more likely to choose to run most of the distance over one day, taking on the ULTRA. The average time to complete 100km for elite runners is under 12 hours. The lesser experienced athletes may choose to walk the ultramarathon distance over two days, the choice is yours. On average, runners and joggers complete an ultra between 12-18 hours, including rest periods. Walkers tend to finish in between 24 and 48 hours, depending on overnight stops.


7. Can you run an ultra-marathon without training?

As said before, and we will happily reiterate, anyone and everyone can complete an ultra-marathon. Whether you run it in one go, over 2 days or more; no matter what your physique, your age or your physical fitness, it all comes down to the physical and mental determination to train, prepare and succeed. No-one would recommend taking on your first ultra-marathon without training for it. We advise everyone to prepare and train in the months leading up to the race using the Threshold training guide.



Signing up for your first ultramarathon is an intimidating prospect for anyone, but the reward and sense of achievement when you finish such an incredible challenge is something you will treasure for the rest of your life. The training will test you and the trails will tire you, but when you cross over the finish line and reflect on the long distance conquered, the friends made and the money raised, you will understand why the walkers and runners come back to Threshold for more, year on year. #MoreIsInYou

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