Prepare for the worst but hope for the best


Joining us at HEINEKEN Race to the Castle this weekend? Ensure you are well prepared for the weather that’s forecasted.


Prepare for all weathers on the trail

The weather is looking changeable this weekend. No doubt many of you will be hitting refresh on forecasts to try and judge what to bring.

Don’t hope it’ll stay dry and chance it without waterproofs. If the weather turns wet and your body is tired after many miles on the go you can get cold quickly. At best this will slow you down. At worst you can put yourself in real danger. Pack for the Great British weather in all its glory including the potential for sea mists rolling off the North Sea.


Keep kit dry with waterproof bags

We will be loading your bags in and out of vehicles throughout the weekend. We do everything we can to keep them dry but can’t guarantee it so please bring a waterproof bag or put your kit in bin bags within your main bag. Please also try to fit everything inside a bag and don’t leave anything dangling on the outside. Nobody likes a soggy sleeping bag!


Keep warm in the camp and at the finish

We have hot showers at basecamp and will look to get the firepits going in the evening if weather allows. However, camping on the coast in the UK is always chilly. Basecamp is not a fashion show and comfort is King so make sure you pack warm kit for the evening where wooly hats and some waterproof footwear to keep feet dry when the dew rises can be a great idea. That extends to sleeping where some warm pyjamas can make all the difference to how refreshed you feel the next day.

Also, if you are expecting to finish late at night make sure you bring warm clothes to change into.


Stay safe

Race to the King was a fantastic start to the Trails season. We had lots of COVID measures in place and all the runners and walkers helped each other through the physical and emotional up and downs.

We will have our route team out there putting up caution signs or warning you directly of any hazards along the way. Please keep your eyes peeled for these and heed the advice. A moment of caution can be the difference between a medal or waiting another whole year to reach the Castle at Bamburgh.

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