Fundraising ideas and tips


The following five fundraising ideas will set you on your way to reach those charity fundraising targets. If you follow these ideas for your Just Giving page, your fundraising should be a sure success!

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(1) Share  your story with pictures and videos 

Share your training journey, the highs, and the lows! If you include images on your page, you’ll increase your fundraising by 13% per photo. By writing your story on your Just Giving page, you could raise 65% more for charity. People who visit your page will be able to understand why you are fundraising and what the cause is.

Adding a video as your cover photo can really highlight your story and emphasise why the cause is so important. Just insert a YouTube link to your cover photo and you’re good to go.


(2) Set a fundraising target 

Pages that have a fundraising target tend to raise more money. Set a high target and you’ll be more likely to fundraise more!


(3) Share to social media

The more social media channels you share your page on, the more people will come across your fundraising and be likely to take a look and hopefully donate. Use platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, to raise more. Share the good you’re doing! Do not forget that some people don’t have social media, remember to email people.


(4) Use fitness apps 

You could raise up to 111% more if you connect to apps like Strava or Fitbit, to let your supporters keep track of your progress. This gives people an in-depth look into your fundraising journey and lets supporters see how your training is going.


(5) Self admin

This final fundraising idea is key. Don’t forget to update your page regularly, self-donate, and always say thank you! If you make a donation to your own page, you could raise 84% more.

20% of donations come in after the event has ended, so be sure to follow up with your supporters and thank them!

Feel ready to start your fundraising journey from these top fundraising ideas? Go ahead and set up your Just Giving Page!

Alternatively, if you’d like to have a look at what packages we have to offer, head over to our Race to the Stones charity entry page or Race to the King charity entry page.

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