5 Reasons why you should head to your local track


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5 reasons why you should head to your local track: 

On the 2nd March, we took our running community to Pad Rec in London to experience a thrilling track session with TrackMafia. It is very important to vary your training when preparing for an ultra-marathon; one way to do that is to hit the track! Not only does track running keep things interesting by varying your running style, it also brings many benefits when training for an endurance race. Below are 5 reasons why you should find your local track.  


1. Track Running Improves your running pace 

Want to run faster? Head down to your local track and you’ll learn how to pace yourself. A lot of runners start a longer run too quickly and end up burning out. Spending time on the track, you can work on your split times and avoid burnout in the future by pacing yourself well.  

Track workouts are very much focussed on speed, helping you to become a faster runner. Fitting in one track workout a week will have you pacing faster on race day, significantly improving your overal performance. This is because intervals train your body to run at a faster pace, even when you’re extremely fatigued. To become a stronger runner, include speed work in your training. Read more on speed work here.   

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2. Track running reduces your risk of running injury  

Compared to the uneven surface of the trails, tracks offer a flat and cushioned platform to run on, which naturally reduces the impact on your body and lessens the risk of injury. This is the perfect way to mix up your training for the trails as it strengthens your muscles and joints and helps you become lighter on the feet, perfect for when you need to dodge a rock or rabbit hole on the trails. Because speed workouts improve your efficiency and running form, you’re less likely to suffer an injury when hitting the trails.  

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3.Track running builds mental resilience  

It takes a lot to be able to focus on the track and not get swept away in the fact that you’re going round and round in circles. Track running builds your mental resilience in a way that road and trail running sometimes cannot. Mental strength is key when taking on an ultra-marathon, or indeed any long-distance race. Training on the track is a great way to test and improve this, so you get to race day and feel prepared and strong throughout.  


4. Track running builds muscle

Don’t want to commit to a gym membership? Don’t worry because track sessions are great for building muscle without lifting weights. The high-intensity anaerobic running in track sessions, builds your fast-twitch muscle fibres, particularly in your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. Building muscle comes with an abundance of benefits. So, what are you waiting for?  

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5. Track running gives you the Runner’s high

There is no doubt that running on the track releases a whole load of endorphins and gives you the runners high. Pushing yourself to new levels on the track naturally gives you that energy boost and satisfaction. Running on the track doesn’t have to be done alone, there are so many track running clubs and communities out there, like TrackMafia! Find your nearest one and feel the awesome sense of community these communities provide.  

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Found your local track? Follow these 3 track exercises to build up your strength and endurance for the trails! 

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