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With a few short days to go until Race to the Stones, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the incredible athletes toeing the line at this year’s event.

Now in its 11th year, Race to the Stones has grown steadily since its inaugural running in 2013 to become one of the UK’s biggest ultramarathons. This year, we’re expecting to see around 3000 runners and walkers taking on the Ridgeway across the weekend.

As in previous years, there are four separate events on offer at Race to the Stones:

  • 100k
    • Non-stop: The original and most popular option. 100km non-stop, from Lewknor to Avebury across Britain’s oldest footpath.
    • Over Two Days: For participants looking to break the distance up – two back-to-back 50km ultramarathons with a break overnight. Not to be underestimated.
  • 50k
    • Day One: Lewknor to Wantage – wandering through woodlands and along ridgelines before finishing at our iconic basecamp.
    • Day Two: Wantage to Avebury – a faster, flatter course than Day One, it’s an ideal event on which to make your ultra debut, or test the waters before committing to the full 100k.

Here’s our lowdown of the faces to look out for this weekend.

Ruth Bennett

Ruth is a coach and Threshold Ambassador from Worcester. Although she has run multiple marathons, the 50k – Day Two event at Race to the Stones is the first ultra Ruth has trained for, and she is excited for the challenges running a longer distance brings.

“Running means headspace, friendships, and fun to me nowadays,” Ruth told us. “I used to enjoy the challenge of running faster, but nowadays, I really enjoy runs with my friends and family, and finding different places to run with different views.”

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Chloe Bletsoe

Threshold Ambassador Chloe is a children’s nurse working in mental health from Cambridgeshire taking on her first ultramarathon with us in 2024 at Race to the Stones, running the 50k – Day Two event.

“Running helps keeping me balanced,” says Chloe. “I have a mentally challenging job and find that getting outside and plodding always helps clear my mind a bit.”

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Sophie Carter

We are delighted to be welcoming reigning 100k champion Sophie Carter back to Race to the Stones this year. Sophie has already demonstrated she is in top form with a course record-breaking performance at Race to the King in June – time will tell if she is able to go ‘two for two’ out on the Ridgeway.

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Stephen Cousins

YouTube sensation Stephen Cousins, AKA FilmMyRun, will be joining us to tackle 100km this weekend. Stephen’s YouTube videos documenting trail ultramarathons and races around the world have earned him many thousand of subscribers – we can’t wait to see how his day plays out at Race to the Stones.

“A few months ago I was invited to the launch of Threshold’s Ultra 50:50 initiative,” Stephen told us. “I met some inspiring women, some beginning their journey into ultra running and others with years of experience.

“I’m very much looking forward to being on the start line of an event that is promoting women’s running in such a positive and dynamic way. I am also very much looking forward to running on the beautiful Ridgeway trail again and experiencing the main reason we run ultras – epic aid station food!”

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Nicki Farrell

Following her second-place performance at Race to the King in 2023, Nicki Farrell reportedly told her husband, “Never again!” Suffice it to say she did not stick to her pledge, and is joining us at Race to the Stones this weekend to tick off the double and prepare for a 100-mile run in 2025.

“I want to prove to females going through hormonal change that life doesn’t need to stop and you can still push limits,” Nicki told us. “One of the reasons I love and promote your races to other females is how friendly and accommodating they are at aid stations, with female-specific toilets complete with sanitary items for those ‘just in case’ moments.”

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Sam Harper

2023 runner-up Sam Harper is returning to Race to the Stones this year. Following an astonishing performance on the Castle 50k at Race to the King earlier this year, Sam is a firm favourite to win the event. But anything can happen in 100km…

“I have one goal: to win,” says Sam. “Last year I came second in 8 hours, 39 minutes. This year I feel stronger, fitter and better prepared. I want to attempt a sub-8 hour finish.”

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Dan Kristof

Threshold Ambassador Dan has recently made the move to South Wales where he enjoys spending time at the beach or on the trails. After getting injured at 35km at Race to the Stones in 2023, Dan is hoping to come back fighting and complete the 100km event.

“Running changed my life 4 years ago,” Dan told us. “I was at the lowest point and largest I’d ever been. I knew it wasn’t going to be an overnight fix but was the accountability and push that I needed to get outside, on the days I didn’t even want to leave my bed.”

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Amanda Little

Race to the Stones represents the end of a long journey for Amanda, as it is the last in a series of four events she has run fundraising for our Gold Charity partner Macmillan Cancer Support. So far Amanda has run 95km for her challenge, having ticked off a half marathon, a 20-miler, and a marathon – come Saturday, she’ll be doing all that again and more in a single day!

Check out Amanda’s fundraising page here

Ollie Marchon

Ollie Marchon is a former professional rugby player turned founder of MARCHON, one of UK’s leading Functional Fitness brands. Ollie is taking on his first ultramarathon with us at Race to the Stones, taking on the full 100km distance non-stop. We can’t wait to see how Ollie’s incredible fitness regime translates to the world of ultra-trail.

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Jay Medway

Jay is the founder and director of Left Handed Giant Run Club, a Bristol-based running community formed one of the city’s trendiest breweries. As a an experienced ultramarathon runner, Jay has raced around the world, and we look forward to welcoming her to Race to the Stones where she’ll be taking on the 50k – Day 1 event.

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Declan O’Callaghan

Declan is a relative newcomer to the world of ultras having made the switch from squash in early 2023. Although he’s only run two events, he’s seen some early signs of success, and could be one to watch for the podium at Race to the Stones. However, it will be his longest run to date, and we know too well the importance of experience when it comes to racing 100 kilometres!

“Race to the Stones will be a goal event for me and I plan to be competitive,” Declan says. “My plan will be to put my name in the hat until the half way mark before reading the race and reassessing. The 100k distance needs to be respected, and I intend to do so!”

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Lydia Oldham

Already an experienced ultra runner, Threshold Ambassador Lydia is running Race to the Stones this year with the hope off knocking a few seconds off her 2023 time of 12:00:18.

“Running to me is an escape,” Lydia told us. “It’s a way to put your phone down, to meditate, to be present with friends as well as your own thoughts.”

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Marvin Palmer

Threshold Ambassador Marvin has unfinished business at Race to the Stones, having failed to reach the finish line twice before. Following a successful 50k at Race to the King, Marvin is primed and ready to finally tick the 100k off his bucket list, and we can’t wait to welcome him to Avebury.

“For me, running is all about the enjoyment and sense of community it brings,” says Marvin. “It’s a way for me to clear my mind when I’m feeling overwhelmed.”

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Tasha Thompson

Running legend Tasha Thompson is rounding out her ‘Threshold year’ at Race to the Stones, having taken on Race to the King and both our Endure24 events over the past few weeks. As a Threshold Ambassador and founder of Black Girls Do Run UK, you’ll find Tasha taking on the 50k – Day Two event surrounded by the incredible community she has helped to build over the years.

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Daniel Weller

Flying somewhat under the radar, Daniel Weller is a firm favourite to win the 50k – Day One event, with a long list of first place finishes at some of the UK’s most prestigious ultramarathons. Perhaps most impressively, in January this year he won the brutal 108-mile Montane Winter Spine Challenger South by an astonishing 3 hours.

Daniel is running Race to the Stones in preparation for the Lakeland 100, and we look forward to seeing what he can do on what is for him a relatively flat, fast course.

“After playing football and running a bit at school, I ran my first ultra in 2013 and have become more interested in running every year since,” Daniel told us. “These days, I live in Oxford and do most of my long runs out in the Chilterns. This is a perfect opportunity to race on trails I know well that aren’t far from home.”

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Jake Williamson

Jake is a Birmingham-based Threshold Ambassador, personal trainer and founder of Better The Next Day. Committed to making a difference for the LGBT+ community in sport, Jake is taking on Race to the Stones 100km this year with the aim of crossing the finish line in less than 10 hours!

“Running is pretty much everything to me,” says Jake. “It’s my social life but also plays a huge role now in trying to be the best athlete I can be, and I’ve ultimately been able to make a bit of a career out of it.”

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