Your ultramarathon kit guide

We all know the importance of preparation for the big day. Below you will find our guide to trail running with all of the ultra-marathon kit essentials from your pre-race training kit, on-route running and overnight must-haves.

Pre-Event kit

  • Sports nutrition – practice on what will fuel you through the race such as HIGH5
  • Your ultra-marathon kit – Harrier Trail Running provides a comprehensive range of kit from vests and poles to safety  and hydration accessories. Training in your kit will make sure you are organised, comfortable, and prepared for the big day.
  • Make sure your feet are ultra-ready with Profeet 3D analysis, custom insoles and footwear
  • Secure your family and friends who will be cheering you through that finish line
  • Plan your travel and book your extras

Carry on your ultra-marathon:

We have an abundance of supplies at our basecamp and pitstops but it’s always sensible to carry a range of items for when you’re on the trail

  • Medical kit – Bring the basics and we have medical teams on hand at our pitstops and basecamp. Harrier’s Mini Runner First Aid Kit is compact, lightweight, packable and waterproof, and contains essential first aid items for trail and ultra runners / walkers.
  • Suncream
  • Waterproof jacket – check out Harrier’s best-selling Exmoor 
  • Fully-charged mobile phone
  • At least 750ml water – Harrier Soft Bottles and Water Bladders offer a flexible and
    comfortable way to carry 1 litre + of water on your ultra. Use different colours to carry different energy and electrolytes. A good hydration set up in your race vest will ensure a balance of weight around your body whilst running.
  • Some of your favourite trail snacks – remember we have a full range at each pitstop from the likes of Perkier
  • Head torch and spare batteries
  • Emergency cash/debit card
  • Headwear – to protect you from the sun – check out the awesome VAGA range

Overnight base camp:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Camping mat
  • Waterproof kit
  • Quick dry towel
  • Spare change of clothes to enjoy basecamp and keep warm
  • Pillow or travel pillow
  • Eye mask – for a deeper, better quality sleep
  • Earplugs – people run through the night so avoid being disturbed
  • Warm PJs – the temperature can drop at night and you’re more prone to the cold post-run

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